Frequently Asked Questions

We know that this change will bring about some questions for how and why we are doing it. We have tried to anticipate some of these questions and provide answers! If it's not on here and you want to know, contact our staff or office and we would love to talk with you about these exciting changes. 

Is this a bad sign for overall church health?

Not at all! We are actually growing. As of January 15, 2023 we have had 59 Salvations, 45 baptisms since June 1, people serving - all up over this same time last year. Overall attendance is up over the same time last year. Giving is on the increase which has us in a healthy financial position as well. We are blessed with a large facility, and in a time where connection is so important, we are taking advantage of the ability to connect that our resources give us! At the end of 2022 our board completed a church health assessment and the results that we are an extremely healthy church!

Why are we doing this?

While we are seeing new faces every week, the Sun AM attendance downtown has been averaging 400-500 (with another 300+ from CR and KC). The size of our worship center (which could accommodate 900+ in one service)  is a great asset that we’ve not been utilizing to its full capacity.  This, and the recognition that there is room for improvement with the spirit of unity (via church board health assessment), has led our pastor and staff to see the move to one service as beneficial.

Why didn’t we do this earlier?

This decision has been under consideration for over a year.  Like a majority of US Churches (per Barna research), our Sunday AM attendance has not rebounded to our pre-COVID numbers. We wanted to see how everything stabilized before making any changes. Pastor Steve was the slowest to get on board because the only thing better than preaching once on Sunday is preaching twice :)

How does this affect kids?

5th Graders will be part of Kid’s Ministry and will go through a year of leadership development and serving with Pastor Emily
6th Graders will be in the sanctuary for the 10am service and will become part of the Marion Naz youth group on Sunday nights.

What all will this affect?

-The doors will open at 9:15 for cafe.
-The Worship Center doors will open at 9:30AM
-Kids min folks will be scheduled to serve 1-2x a month
-We will have larger serve teams for hospitality, hosting, greeting
-Our Adult Sunday School Classes will meet at 9am and then go to 10am service, just switching the current schedule that was worship at 9am and SS at 10.

Will we ever go back to 2 services?

Our goal is to grow so much with people that are experiencing the Hope that can only be found in a life with Jesus that we need multiple services to fit everyone! When we reach 75-80% capacity in the worship center on a consistent basis, we will evaluate the need for additional services.